Chardonnay and Sauvignon, white grapes


Chardonnay, like Sauvignon, is one of the most widespread international white grape varieties in the world from which are obtainedelegant and opulent, fragrant and fresh and very aromatic wines, in the case of Sauvignon. The Chardonnay grape variety can reveal if harvested greener or more mature and honeyed notes if aged in barriques. With medium-sized berries, golden yellow in color and with a tender skin, Chardonnay is the white grape of Burgundy, essential for the production of bubbles and therefore of Champagne. Sauvignon, whose bunch is very small, matures late and requires more attention in cultivation to avoid revealing too much acidity or losing its marked aroma. It is a grape variety particularly sensitive to climatic factors, to molds and to the vinification that takes place in barrels but more often in steel vats. Both can give good results even with relatively high yields and excellent results with low yields.

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