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The following Information Note describes how to manage this Site in relation to the processing of users’ personal data. Users have to read this Information Note, before registering to the Website.
This information is provided pursuant to the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and subsequent National Laws. This Website browsing and/or the access to some sections of the Site and/or the requests of information or services by users, may imply the data processing by SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC, in compliance with the Legislative Decree 196/2003 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. The Terms and Conditions to transfer rights on images, comments, catchphrases related to the Website, materials, contents and any other information provided and posted by users on this Website, are explained below.


On the base of users’ requirements, you will find below the scope of the personal data processing, i.e. all the data provided directly by users fulfilling the online forms or using social networks (see the section on “Conferment of Personal Data”) or browsing the Web (see the section “Personal Data Categories”).
The collected data will be used exclusively for the following purposes:

1. Providing and managing all the services; enabling the registration to the Website, necessary to have access to some specific sections of the Website;
2. Enabling users to post on the Website and on sites managed by third parties partners with the SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC, such as Facebook, Twitter etc.; content posting may be signed with a nickname and a related image, as indicated during the registration procedure. Users shall be liable for third parties’ interests. Users shall not use personal data that could be recognised by third parties.
3. Doing marketing, such as sending SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC advertising emails, SMS and MMS, with the prior consent of the user;
4. Pursuant to the Italian and European Law, customizing users experience and improving services and products offered by SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC. Customizing advertisement (by email, banners and contents on the Website), with the prior consent of the user.  Analysing consumption and define customer profiles, using information provided by users that fulfil surveys or browse the Web. This purpose will be accomplished using Cookie, a series of activities that collect and elaborate data related to the users, in order to divide them into groups characterised by different behaviours. With the user consent, personal data may be collected to draw the user “history”;
5. Replying to users requests related to SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC’s products, advertisement and Website (“Contact us” section of the Web Site);
6. Comparing and combining, with the goal of dissemination, personal data collected in databases, with the prior users consent. Users are not obliged to register to benefit from some SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC’s services (as the once described in the previous paragraph). However, users are required to provide personal data in order to prevent users from requesting information related to services. These data will be processed only for necessary purposes. The processing consists in collecting, registering, organising, conserving, consulting, elaborating, editing, selecting, comparing, using, interconnecting, blocking, communicating and deleting.
Personal data will be processed in paper form or by computer tools, such as Database, Electronic Platforms, Integrated Systems or Websites managed by SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC or by third parties nominated by SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC. With users consent, personal data will be stored and visible in databases, archives or computer systems, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Editing, deleting or updating personal data entail an upgrade in every authorised storage system.


User’s Personal Information will be collected, stored, processed, organised, read, elaborated, edited, selected, extracted, compared, used, interconnected, blocked, transmitted or deleted. Data will be processed only for necessary purposes. Personal data will be processed in paper form or by computer tools, such as Database, Electronic platforms, Integrated Systems or Web Sites managed by SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC or by third parties nominated by SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC. With the user consent, personal data will be stored and visible in databases, archives or computer systems, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Editing, deleting or updating personal data entail an upgrade in every authorised storage system.


Personal data shall be processed mostly in the SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC headquarters, Zona Industriale snc – 85050 Tito Scalo (Potenza) – Italy, or in other working places where people in charge operate. For further information, please contact SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC.
SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC shall store personal data for a period of time not longer than required by the personal data processing purposes. These data shall be deleted after 5 years, SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC can keep them for a longer period, only for purposes in compliance with the Law.
Users can unsubscribe, withdraw their registration, cancel data processing and deny their consent at any time, following the procedure explained in this Website.
The conferment of data for other purposes is optional, but it may be compulsory (in the required fields) in order to enable SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC to respond to users’ needs regarding the Website efficiency. An incomplete or wrong fulfilment of the required fields, invalidate the service; an incomplete or wrong fulfilment of the optional fields has no consequences.

The conferment of data may occur:

  1. Fulfilling the specific fields in the different sections of the Website;
  2. Browsing the Web Site or using Cookie;
  3. Automatic fulfilment, if the user allows a Social Network to provide SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC with the personal data it uses.


We collect personal data provided directly by users (such as first name, family name, address, email address, password, age, date of birth, gender, image, profession, marital status, etc.). Moreover, browsing this Website, users indirectly and automatically provide our computer systems with some information that may be personal data.  The transmission of these personal data is implicit in the communication protocols of the Internet. By way of example, these personal data may consist in Cookies, IP address, type of browser and operating system, Url, time of the request to the server, use of the Website.


A cookie is a small text file that is sent by a server (this Website) and stored by the computer when a website is visited by a user. The text stores information that the site is able to read in the moment in which it is seen. Cookies are automatically stored by the computer every time that users go to the same web page.
The advantage of having the cookies installed is an easier access to some web pages, i.e. you have no longer need to fill out the same information every time you want to access a site you visited before, avoiding also connection errors etc. Therefore, for an easy and complete use of this Website, you should install cookies on your device. Browsers are often set up to automatically accept cookies. However, users can edit the default setting, so as to disable or delete cookies, in this case you won’t be able to use all the sections of this Website. You can also check the modality and types of cookies stored by your browser, editing your cookies setting.


Types and management of cookies used by our Website:
• a) Technical Cookie: Strictly necessary cookies enable you to move around the website and use its features, as the access to reserved areas. Without these cookies, we will not be able to provide certain features. 2. Performance cookies collect information about how you use our website. All the information collected is anonymous and is only used to help us improve how our Website works, for example we understand what pages interest our users more and we realise if there is any error or slowdown. 3. Functionality cookies allow our Website to remember the choices you make and your account preferences and to provide enhanced and more personal features. For example, these cookies will remember your content details.

• b) Web analytics cookies: these cookies, provided by Google Inc., are used to collect information (included your IP address) about how visitors use our Site. All the information will be stored by a Google server, that will use the information to trace how you use our Website, to compile reports and to provide other services related to the use of the Internet. Data collected by Google Analytics are stored by Google as stated in the link below. Users can limit Google Analytics’ action by installing on your browser the opting-out component provided by Google. To edit Google Analytics’ action, please go to this link:

• c) Targeting cookies are used to profile users and provide advertisers with information on your visit so that they can present you with advertisements in which you may be interested. These cookies are useful to make advertisements more efficient, limiting its frequency. Targeting cookies may be provided directly or through a third party such as a media agency. Third parties provide these services in return for recognizing that you have visited our Website or third parties’ websites.  Users can give or withdraw their consent (opting-in) to these cookies, continuing browsing the web after the visualization of the Cookies Notice.


How to refuse the use of cookies
Users can prevent their browser from accepting cookies. However, this process might prevent some pages from displaying correctly or might limit this Website’s efficiency.
The links below will help you find the settings for some common browsers to block cookies:



Internet Explorer




Personal data may be communicated to employees, managers and collaborators nominated, prepared and controlled by the Owner of the Company, pursuant to articles 29 and 30 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003. Furthermore, personal data may be communicated to third parties, such as third companies or other entities (organisations in charge of assistance, communication, marketing, advertisement, promotions, sales, website management, electronic platforms management, as well as partners, credit institutions or professional offices) which do outsourcing on behalf of the Company.


Your personal data will not be communicated to third parties. Personal data will not be either disseminated, except when users provide them creating their profile or uploading an image.


Our Website does not address directly any minor. Underage people must not provide their personal information and data to the SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC without the consent of their parents or guardians. Therefore, the SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC encourages parents and guardians to inform children on a safe and responsible use of the Internet. SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC also encourages parents and guardians to follow the required procedures to apply to any initiative that needs minors’ personal data processing.


Data subjects have rights in compliance with art. 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent changes and integrations, pursuant to the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. They have the right to obtain confirmation, by the Data Controller, as to whether or not personal data concerning them exist. The Data Controller shall clearly communicate these personal data to the data subjects involved. Data subjects can also be informed of the Company’s methods of sourcing personal data, as well as the processing purposes. They may also ask for updating, editing or integrating their personal data. They may, at any time, withdraw their consent, delete their account and/or block their registration to this Website, requesting the interruption of the processing, the cancellation of their personal data or the use of the anonymous form.  Data subjects have the right to object, in whole or in part, to the processing: A. for legitimate reasons related to personal data concerning them; B. for advertising purposes, marketing researches or communication. Data subjects can decide to receive communications by traditional media or by computer tools, they also may object to the advertising communications. They also have the rights stated in the articles 16-21 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (Right to rectification, Right to erasure ‘right to be forgotten’, Right to restriction of processing, Notification obligation regarding rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of processing, Right to data portability, Right to object).  Data subjects can complaint to the Data Controller Authority, if necessary, or request information on the exercise of their rights, pursuant to the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.
Article 7 Legislative Decree 196/2003  – Right to Access Personal Data and Other Rights

1. A data subject shall have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning him exist, regardless of their being already recorded, and communication of such data in intelligible form.

2. A data subject shall have the right to be informed a) of the source of the personal data; b) of the purposes and methods of the processing; c) of the logic applied to the processing, if the latter is carried out with the help of electronic means; d) of the identification data concerning data controller, data processors and the representative designated as per Section 5(2); and e) of the entities or categories of entity to whom or which the personal data may be communicated and who or which may get to know said data in their capacity as designated representative(s) in the State’s territory, data processor(s) or person(s) in charge of the processing.

3. A data subject shall have the following rights: a) to obtain updating, rectification or, where interested therein, integration of the data; b) to obtain erasure, anonymization or blocking of data that have been processed unlawfully, including data whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which they have been collected or subsequently processed; c) to obtain certification to the effect that the operations as per letters a) and b) have been notified, as also related to their contents, to the entities to whom or which the data were communicated or disseminated, unless this requirement proves impossible or involves a manifestly disproportionate effort compared with the right that is to be protected.

4. A data subject shall have the right to object, in whole or in part, a) on legitimate grounds, to the processing of personal data concerning him/her, even though they are relevant to the purpose of the collection; b) to the processing of personal data concerning him/her, where it is carried out for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct selling or else for the performance of market or commercial communication surveys.


Data subjects can exercise the rights listed in the art. 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003, at any time, sending an email or a letter to the Data Controller. Moreover, they can object to the data processing concerning the purposes referred to in point C, by clicking on the specific link included in every SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC email.


By registering to this Website, data subjects:

A. Claim that:

i) They have any right concerning contents posted on this Website;

ii) They are the solely responsible for any damage or action caused to SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI SNC by their posted contents;

iii) Their posted contents do not contain any material that could prevent their publication, i.e obscene, racist, defamatory, blasphemous, pedo-porno contents. Contents posted by data subjects are original, they don’t infringe intellectual and industrial property rights, as well as copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc.;

B. Authorise SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI to check on the admissibility of contents, in order to block any material that is detrimental to decency, personal dignity, or that is considered as offensive, defamatory, obscene, injurious, indecent, or that fosters hate, violence, dangerous behaviours, or that is considered contrary to binding regulations or to public policy regulations;

C. Transfer to SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI, for free, every right to post and use contents. SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI can use contents collected by data subjects for marketing purposes, on its Websites, for a period of time no longer than required by these purposes. These contents shall be deleted after 5 years from the storage.

Allow SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI to use their image, if previously provided, (SOC AGRICOLA GIORNI can use this image as referred to in point C) as long as the Website works, pursuant to art. 96 of the Italian Copyright Law.