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Quality Sparkling Wine Brut
Champenoise Method
BASILICATA – Sparkling Wine       

Arioso sparkling wine is made by Champenoise Method (taking foam in the bottle). The grapes used are Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay. Chardonnay and a part of Pinot bianco ferment in steel while the remaining part of Pinot bianco in wood. Both types are refined for a few months on their own yeasts, while they are assembled at the end of winter. Follows the second, fundamental, fermentation: in bottle. The wine stays in contact with yeasts for a minimum of 30 months. Disgorgement and a small addition of liquer d’expedition close the production cycle and the bottles, after a few months in the cellar, are ready to be tasted.

Wine variety: Quality sparkling wine brut champenoise method

Grapes : Chardonnay 80% – White Pinot 20%

Production area: Eastern area of Friuli Venezia Giulia

Harvest time: manual, at the end of August

Production yeld: 80 quintals of grapes per hectare with 50-55% wine yield Fermentation: soft pressing, thermal control of fermentation and immediate wine cleaning, stop in steel until bottling. The Chardonnay, and a part of white Pinot, ferments in steel while the remaining part in barriques.

Bottling and ageing: late spring following the harvest in order to allow a peaceful refermentation. The bottles are stacked and remain “sur lie” for at least 30 months. Following the phases of “remuage” and “degorgement”. Before the sale, the product rests for a further 2 months.

Disgorging: The disgorgement date coincides with the production lot and it is indicated with month and year.

Alcohol: 12,5% vol.

Service temperature: 4/6 °C

Organoleptic examination: Straw yellow of good intensity, fine and persistant perlage, well pronounced notes of bread crust combined with pleasing sensations of fruit ranging from white pulp to exotic. Dried fruit hints and delicate mineral scents. Taste fresh, well-structured, harmonious and balanced.

Advice for conservation and service: Always store the bottles horizontally, in a cool, dark place, placing them in the fridge only for the time necessary to bring them to temperatures. To serve it in the most correct way, tilt the bottle 45 ° and remove the cap slowly, gently venting the gas without making a “bang”. Pour into the glass holding it in the same hand and tilt it towards the bottle.

Pairings: Ideal as an aperitif wine, appetizers and first courses of fish, delicate and not aromatic. Excellent away from meals.


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